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Small Tasks

Left scratching your head or simply don’t have the time and would need some additional tasks?

This service is perfect for you.

Need Some Support?


Are you struggling with an issue on your Wix website and just require some hourly support to fix this? Or do you just want a quick job completing? Purchase our hourly support below and we will be in touch to discuss. If we are unable to help you, or you change your mind we will refund your purchase.

Our basic hourly support is charged at only £65.00 per hour (please note this new fee as from April 2022 and is the minimum per hour charge).

We look forward to helping you.



Does adding content to your Wix website lead you to confusion? Or maybe your site needs an overhaul.


Did you want to add a video, a piece of content, or something even more complex and you just ended up frustrated, wasting hours on end.

It’s the reason why so many businesses let their website fall by the wayside. With content creation, SEO, analytics, and website upkeep to occupy you, is it any wonder?


Content updates

Add to or replace existing content or images. We'll not only add it we'll optimise it too.

Add video

We'll integrate YouTube videos anywhere on your site.

SEO updates

Not getting found? We can  update your on-page SEO and Metadata for improved performance.

Graphics or Logo updates Had a rebrand?

We can update your site to reflect your new branding.


Social Media

We can add and connect your Social Media and/or add Social Feed Apps.

Add New Pages

We can add new pages with content and images.

Fix Glitches

If it’s driving you mad, get an expert to help!

Monthly Reporting

Not just another Google Analytics report, a real report showing you, in real terms, what’s happening with your site and what we could improve.

Ready To Win Online?

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Get in touch with us and complete our quote form to get your Wix Website project started.

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